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The Two Paths You Can Go By

“Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.
And it makes me wonder.”
Led Zeplin, Stairway to Heaven.

We live in troubling times. Daily, we twenty-first century hominoids are bombarded with disturbing news about the increasing number of perils that await us as individuals, and as a species. This is a volatile world, and we just have to live with fear and rage, knowing how it may all come to a screeching end at any moment. You want a disaster? Take your pick. North Korea is about to explode, and the kid-empower will take the rest of us with him. There are not only colluding Russians out to desecrate our precious democracy, but there are also them damn Nazis hiding under the bed. Indeed, the brown shirts are around any and every corner.

But even if Adolf’s latter-day descendants don’t dare show themselves, there are storms of unprecedented magnitude bearing down on us, threatening to blow away our houses and our existence. Then, if the gods disappointingly steer the typhoons elsewhere, we can still pop into the cinema where Al Gore will reassure us that the climactic end is nigh. And you betta stash some of that popcorn and coke, because it’s probably too late to do anything. Be careful on the way home from the movie, too, because we live in a rape culture (say some feminists) where a quarter of female university students are sexually violated before their leacherous professors let them graduate.

Finally, if all that doesn’t finish you off, you can just turn on the news and see for ourselves that Donald Trump, the man leading the free world, is Hitler incarnate. Such is the level of pure evil emanating from his black veins. This horror, the horror! And this is the tangerine tyrant with his finger on the atomic button! Oh, and he’s really, really stupid!

In such a world why would anybody even bother to get out of bed?
Let me confide in you that I wouldn’t get out of bed either if I believed this story. But I just don’t. I reckon it’s often bullshit, the nonsense of click-bait journalists and bloggers desperate to get the hits necessary to generate a bit of attention or income.
And those foolish enough to click on such stuff mostly do so because the narrative is what they have come to believe. It’s what they want to hear. “Ain’t it awful! I told you so!”

Look, I know the doomsday story is really popular. It’s a ratings winner. And it gets all the awards at Golden Globes time, where some crusty celebrity (who has taken the precious time to leave her gated community to condemn leaders who build walls) will shed a tear for what has become of the world, and to rage against the monsters who lead it.

Meanwhile, what didn’t make the papers is the story about the old guy who walked down the street whistling, a skip in his step, smiling at babies and the pretty girls he knows fully well he shouldn’t be smiling at (because, as all decent human beings living in this rape culture know, only perverts do such things). No, that old bastard was enjoying himself far too much to make the news. Or perhaps he was just happy that he’s lived so long, given that less than two centuries ago the average lifespan globally was just 28 years of age, with one in three children dying before the age of five.

Consider these strange facts, mentioned by Stephen Pinker in his new book Enlightenment Now. Surveys show that people often think that their country’s economy will get worse in the next year, but they are relatively optimistic about their personal financial future. They tend to believe that crime rates are deteriorating across the nation, but not near their home. And they believe that the environment is going to hell – but you guessed it, not around here.
Why is that? Could it be that the world of experience (our real world) is nowhere near as bad as the narrative that we are sold in the media and in many of our education systems?

Intentional Optimism
So… there is that other story – or those other ten thousand stories. They are the tales that I prefer to listen to. They are stories driven by intentional optimism. And by life itself. Not by the spin of media and social media and their enraged audience.

Intentional optimism is the decision to be fully present in the real world of experience. And the decision to stay there.

The price to pay is a small one. Tune out of the electronic news media and social media and learn how to be present to life.

But make no mistake, this other narrative is not a story of delusion (relatively speaking, as compared to the doomsday narrative that we have all come to know and love). It doesn’t deny evidence or data regarding global warming, rape or political extremism (realizing that problems should be addressed, not obsessed). But neither does it get sucked into the collective projections of the masses, preferring grounded experience. Instead it makes a commitment to withdraw from the fear-driven narratives and their doomsday noosphere and to make lived presence and intentional optimism the basis of life, whereupon an entirely new world unfurls before us as if by cosmic grace. The painful pasts and fearful futures that obsess the minds of the many suddenly disappear, seen as the illusions that they typically are. Abstract narratives are replaced by the fullness of life.

And what is it exactly that becomes real? It is whatever arises in the moment. It is the mother and her baby that you stop to smile at as you walk home. It is the song you choose to sing, regardless of who cares to listen. It is the tang of the orange upon your taste buds as you bite the fruit.

And in such moments these things are often joyful. And enough.
We all know that life is not always “happy.” We all experience a full range of emotions, including fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame and so on. Intentional optimism doesn’t reject those. It simply addresses their root cause and permits them their natural expression (perhaps crying if you are sad). If action is needed, such as acknowledging that loneliness is creating sadness, then one commits to such action (for example, developing more warm relationships). If addressed in such a way, all such feelings pass in time.

The best thing is that this other story that we can choose comes with a very different attitude, and typically a different experience of life. You don’t live in fear of expected doom. You don’t blame anyone or anything for what is missing. You are just thankful to be here, now. There is little need for affirmation, visualization, or imploring prayer to the deity. Instead there are words that form spontaneously: “Thank you. I love you.” Such words have more power to transform the world than any social justice narrative one can possibly imagine.

Thus, there is a generosity of spirit that seeks sharing of experience.
Will the world be here tomorrow? Will you and I be here tomorrow? To be honest, I just don’t know. But one day soon, and in but the blink of the cosmic eye, the sun will rise and both you and I will not be here. That is an absolute certainty.

”But Marcus!” I hear you say. “My world is going to hell and you just don’t care!” And you would be (mostly) right. Unless you are my wife, someone I’m directly involved with or some twerp knocking on my door trying to sell me some contraption I don’t need, your hell is none of my business. I can’t save you from your misery, and even if I could, I’m too busy having a good time of it to give it much thought.
So, am I against social activism? Against seriously tackling political and ideological extremism? No. Not at all. If we are to consider this from a spiritual perspective (and I realize most people won’t) an essential aspect of engaging such problems is the consciousness that underpins that activism. Social activism can be like the “liberalism” that often drives it. The latter is a nice idea, but not actually commonly practiced – not even by liberals. As far as I can tell, a great number of social activists in 2017 are too busy being morally superior and beating up enemies to truly demonstrate the justice and compassion that their souls (and all our souls) call them to actualize.

Human societies need people to develop good ideas and sound policies to create preferred futures. That includes having to deal with the darker side of human nature and of human propensity. World and local leaders do have to deal with psychopaths, extremists and despots (often in the mirror, it must be said), including those within our societies. My main point here is that working at the essential foundation of problems – their expression of consciousness – can help all of us make more intelligent and wise decisions. It can enhance insight, where upon we can pull out of the psychic dramas that we are so prone to engage in if we do not bring things to full awareness. If we fail to assume responsibility for our fear-based projections, we may fail to tackle perhaps the most essential aspect of the problems we experience. We may end up creating conflict and suffering – a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

What I am saying is that the most logical attitude to take in this mad world, under most circumstances, is this. Stop judging and condemning everyone as stupid and immoral. Instead, give thanks, dance and celebrate this moment of existence that the cosmos has very generously granted you.

Yes. Let us give thanks. Let us forgive those damn Trump supporters and those stupid libtards. But most of all, let’s love everyone and anyone who is so generous as to cross our paths and smile, who cares to talk to us or just be present with us for a moment in time. For this moment in time is all any of us have.

Who knows, maybe in a day or two I’ll be singing a song, dancing in the park with some old Chinese ladies here in Zhuhai (South China) or helping myself to a nice big piece of chocolate cake… and I will look up to the sky and see a large missile with a beaming image of our Dear Leaders Kim Jong Un or The Donald on the tail. There will be just enough to think “What the hell was that all about?” before every molecule in my body is incinerated. Maybe the Nazis really will ride into town upon their murderous tanks. Or perhaps the damn Commies will ride in upon black horses, with a bare-chested Vladimir Putin leading the way.

And that will be it.

But at least I’ll know that I stood by what was of the greatest importance for this spiritual journey as an individual, and for this human species. I will know that I refused to live in fear, anger and blame. Not even for a good cause. I will know I took the time to share a little joy and laughter with just a few other souls. All without charging a cent.

And it will be enough.

Dreams of the Light at the End of the World: D21CM#7

DIARY OF A 21ST CENTURY MYSTIC:Given that I label myself a ‘mystic’, some of you might be surprised to learn that I have little interest in 2012 doomsday prophecies. I wrote something about this on my old blog in July, 2010, and stated that prophecies of future hells and paradises are mostly projections of the human mind, which tends to be suffused with the fear of death and suffering – or ways to escape it.

That’s why I haven’t been paying any attention at all to any recent media stories on the subject. And it is also why I have been just a little shocked to discover that I was kind of wrong about all that. So, the bad news is that the world is ending, and there is not a thing you can do about it.

Okay, perhaps I should have written that “a phase of psycho-spiritual evolution is shifting.” And I suppose that does make just a bit of a difference, because we are still going to be around to see what happens next (touch wood).

It was about a month ago that I noticed that there was quite a big shift in my dreams and visions, and that some of the psychic energy around me was getting just a little weird. That is what has led to change my mind about these Mayan prophecies. Mind you I was a little slow on the uptake. There was a stream of visions and symbols about Mexico. In the most recent I saw street sign with that very county’s name written upon it. Even that obvious, ahem, sign, didn’t register. It was the next day when I saw a reference to the Mayan 2012 prophecy on TV that it suddenly clicked. Mayan civilsation extended through many areas of Central America and Mexico.

I now believe that there is a shift in consciousness taking place. Part of this will mean that certain latent individual and collective consciousness fields will reverberate at this time. If you have a strong connection to your own psyche you should notice strong feelings, dreams, visions and perhaps the odd ‘energy’ event. An energy event will be a sense of some energy moving through you, possibly kundalini, resonance in the crown, heart and/or third eye chakras. You might feel extremely tired, irritable or scared for little apparent reason. This is also exacerbated by the fact that in Western countries it is Christmas time, and this tends to be a rather disturbed time for projections of psychic energy amongst family members and ancestors).

I won’t go into how to deal with such energies. There are ways to do, so, but it is beyond the scope of this post. Just relax in the knowledge most of this energy will pass in time. If you have your own ways of dealing with it, it’s probably a good time to do whatever you need to do.

In the rest of this post I am going to focus upon the first of a series of very significant dreams I have had during this period (I’ll refer to some of the others in later entries). This dream was centred upon the idea of a shift – or potential shift – in consciousness. I spoke about this one in a recent D21CM video, but below is the full dream as I recorded it in my dream diary. I wrote it down in the middle of the night, as soon as I awoke after the dream. It involved Leonard Jacobson, who is a spiritual teacher who has greatly influenced my spiritual practice.

I was standing by an indoor pool, on the right side. The pool was small, about twenty metres from side to side. It was roughly a circular shape, but not perfectly symmetrical. I saw that Leonard Jacobson was in the water inviting others to come in. There were about a dozen others in the water with him. It seemed peaceful and relaxing in there, as if the waters were nourishing the souls of those within. The pool was not deep, and I knew it was warm because some kind of steam was coming from its surface, as if the waters were primeval. There seemed to be tropical plants around the outside of the pool. I was standing there, resisting climbing in. But Leonard was still gently inviting. There was some kind of song I could hear, and we had to join in if we went into the pool.

I realised I was resisting. But I just decided to let go and began to climb into the pool. As I did I noticed that there were many others who had not entered the pool. These were the people who had not made the choice to surrender. They were sitting down on the stone floor in front of the pool in rows, hunched over, heads down as if scared, their backs facing the pool. It seemed as if their eyes were closed.

I was worried as I climbed in, as I had to be naked and knew the others would see me. There were some women in there too. One woman was inviting me in, as if she wanted me to be there. I think she was a black woman.

When I got in I started singing too. There was a tall man there. He was different from me, his energy more rustic or something, like a typical Aussie guy. He was judging me. He said something like “You think you are better than us?” Then I just went up to him, and even though it was repulsive to some degree (resistance), I put my arms round him and embraced him. Then I think we kissed, or put our faces together. He was surprised, resisting. But he was forced to see that it was he who was “lagging behind”, making judgments about me.

Leonard was gently chastising people, saying they had not yet let go. He was talking about the karma, that certain peoples and land masses had not let go and embraced “the lesson”. Then, in my mind’s eye I saw two land masses above us, a kind of map – Australia and Greenland, right beside each other. Leonard said one mass had resisted the invitation to consciousness, and was now going to require some time of integration, where there would be suffering or something like that. I think he was talking about Australia, but this could have been about the whole earth.

We were allowed to ask a question in the pool. I asked about the origins of life on earth. Till that point I had been standing up in the water, which was about waist-deep. Then I let go, falling backwards into the water my face dropping below the surface; and as my head fell backwards I was suddenly engulfed by a great light. I knew from my previous spiritual experiences that this was a kind of ‘enlightenment’ or non-duel experience, so I simply relaxed with it. I then found myself leaving my body, or heading towards a great light, taken away from Earth. I was drawn into the light and I just let go. It was joyful, but a little scary. I became aware of another planet, it seemed much bigger than the Earth; it was green and foggy and there was lots of water. Somehow this was linked to life on Earth. Maybe it was the Earth’s past (but that is a post-dream analysis).

Then suddenly I was back in with the others in the pool. I told someone I had been to a place to see the origins of the Earth. I think I was telling Leonard. But I didn’t really understand what I had seen.

At that point I awoke. Most of this dream is easy to understand. Leonard Jacobson represents a higher spiritual consciousness, and the letting go that is required to allow it to flourish. The pool is warm and relaxed, much like the act of letting go itself. This dream told me something about the karma of groups. Groups collectively resist stuff (the people looking away from the pool, hunched over). When this happens they have to play out the story again, till they ‘get the lesson’. That is collective ‘karma’. There can be suffering in this learning. But the groups must make up their minds. They are free to choose – even though the choosing is, paradoxically, unconscious.

The map of Greenland and Australia I think symbolised two polarities. They are the two biggest islands in the world, one very cold, the other dry and mostly hot. I can’t be sure, but my sense is that Australia has to ‘get’ something here. I suspect that the two land masses also symbolized the split in the modern mind, the battle between ‘rational’ and ‘intuitive’ cognition (to put is simplistically).

There was obvious personal significance in the dream for me, too. Part of me has been ‘in two minds’ about letting go at a deeper level, but now it appears I am steeping more into the deep end of the pool, so to speak. When I awoke, I also sensed that the dream suggested that there was a role in this greater civilizational drama for me, probably to do with Australia. It seems this may be a kind of ‘leadership’ role – or perhaps ‘guidance’ is the better term. I have checked this, and this interpretation appears to be correct.

But in the end, the journey of the mystic cannot be founded in some promised future, but in the peace of presence.

This has not been as easy time for me these past few months, and there have been genuine issues that I have needed to address. These have to do with personal doubts and fears about my own abilities, including my ability to be able to act out in the real world what I appear to be being asked to do by Spirit. There is a fear of failure and rejection.

Most of all there is the simple doubt about the intuitive mind and what its ‘messages’; and trusting in a process which, in truth, I have only a small conscious awareness of.  And that is often the way for the mystic.

Just two weeks ago I caught a bad bug, and was quite sick for a half a week or so. This seemed to be the culmination of this rather difficult period. My spiritual guidance has been helpful, encouraging even. It has been during this time, where my own spirits have been low at times, that a song has kept coming to me during sleep and meditation.

Don’t you worry baby,

Heaven’s got a plan for you

To be honest, I don’t even know who sings the song. But it did help me to relax and simply allow the process to unfold, unpleasant as some aspects of it were (and still are).

For whatever reason, I have had to deal with quite a lot of dark energy in this lifetime. I know that it has to do with energies that I have encountered during my personal biography; energies that move through my ancestral lines; and seemingly there are also personal karmic energies which have not quite resolved themselves from past lives. The truth is I don’t know all the details (although I do know plenty – maybe more than is good for me!). I simply accept that this is just my journey. It is what “God” has asked me to do. So for me it is simply one day at a time, and I have to deal with whatever is on my plate when I get up in the morning.

The reasons I mention this are twofold. Firstly, I have had to deal with some of this dark energy in the past few weeks. Secondly, very shortly I am going to mention one of these dark energy issues – and the graphic dream that helped me clarify it – in an upcoming entry of Diary of a 21st Century Mystic. I think you might find it interesting.

Meanwhile, stay relaxed and make quiet time to connect with your inner world during these ‘end times’.





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