Paul Graham, his calling & collective mind?

A fascinating conversation between Mastery author Robert Greene and programmer and writer Paul Graham. According to his official biography, Graham is “a programmer, writer, and investor”. In 1995, he and Robert Morris started Viaweb, which was acquired by Yahoo, soon becoming “Yahoo Store”. Graham has started or funded about 450 startups, wrote Lisp (one of…


Do you really have a soul calling?

The following is an extract from my upcoming book, Champion of the Soul. Calling what? In recent decades there has been a great enthusiasm for the idea of “following your bliss”. This is another subject I have written about in depth (in Discover Your Soul Template) and in the three years since I published that…


Some important distinctions upon the road to you bliss

Despite what some well-meaning enthusiasts say, just because you follow your bliss does not guarantee that you will succeed. In fact, such a philosophy is full of possible roadblocks. These are almost never discussed in new age or popular self-help books, so I am going to share a few of them with you here. In…

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Be a Champion of the Soul

In recent years we have seen a proliferation of teachings which potentially herald a deeply spiritual human future. This human future, somewhat paradoxically, will be lived by those souls whose consciousness is deeply embedded within the peace, joy and wisdom of the present moment. The essence of these emerging truthful spiritual teachings is that human…

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This is Planet Schwarzenegger

What if you could become a copy of anybody you love or admire? This Is Planet Schwarzenegger is a science fiction adventure set in the year 2373, when human civilisation has spread across the arm of the galaxy. Genetic manipulation has greatly advanced, allowing people to live out their fantasy lives. Some humans choose to become replicas of their idols. The rich, the famous and historical figures are popular choices. Richard Quaid, an Arnold Schwarzenegger replica, realises his life dream to travel to Planet Schwarzenegger – a theme-world devoted to honouring the great Austrian bodybuilder and actor. However when he gets there he finds finds he has become ensnared in mysterious series of events. Arnold replicas have been disappearing – and Quaid may be the next to be terminated! Quaid must solve the mystery and get to the bottom of the terrible secret of Planet Schwarzenegger – before it’s too late.


Are Asians Smarter?

There’s a lot of talk in Western countries about the success of Asian students in schools and universities. This debate extends beyond mere culture to incorporate the idea of human intelligence. The question then becomes, are Asians simply smarter? Asians do tend to score slightly higher than Caucasians in IQ tests, and significantly higher than…


Skepticism With Vulnerability

Will Storr’s Heretics: Adventures With the Enemies of Science is an exceptional book which I cannot recommend highly enough. As the title suggests, most of the book comprises Storr’s adventures in rounding up some of the planet’s best known sçientific pariahs and interviewing them. Typically, Storr spends several hours or days with his interviewees, and…