Death on Planet Arnold

In the year 2373 Richard Quaid, an Arnold Schwarzenegger replica, travels to Planet Arnold – a world full of other Arnold replicas. However his lifetime dream soon turns into a nightmare when he finds that the planet has a secret – one that could quickly end his life.


Can We See Into the Future?

Can we see into the future? This question was posed to me here on mind-futures.com recently, so today i am answering the question on The Five Minute Mystic. My answer is “Yes, we can sense the future”, and I also provide two simple and practical tools which will help you look into your own future.


The True Cost of Following Your Bliss (3)

There is a price to pay for following your bliss, especially if you choose to deliberately and publicly advocate an alternative philosophy that challenges mainstream opinion and the dominant worldview. In the first of these articles I described my own problems as a futurist with an alternative take on looking at the future, and how difficult…