Are You Ready For the Coming Consciousness Revolution?

The thing is, precisely one week ago I awoke early in the morning and had a premonition about the outcome of the game. I often have these kinds of premonitory visions, as I have previously stated in my writings. The premonition of the game wasn’t so much a dream or a mind-movie. It was more a flash of immediate knowing, where information is pumped into the brain – from who knows where. In such experiences the knowing is immediate. It often requires no verbal input or sequencing of events. It’s just arrives uninvited, like a mysterious stanger knocking at your door than just as suddenly vanishing into the night.

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Can You Really Handle Conscious Transparency?

Imagine waking up, going online to your favourite news site and finding the following lead story.   Chaos! Information terror as Net IDs go public! Global information systems are in chaos today, in the wake of the world’s first case of information terror. Radical libertarian group FreeThink has claimed responsibility for the hacking of the…


Review: The Way of a Seer

Recently I read Peter L Nelson’s semi-autobiographical book The Way of Seer. it is a wonderful addition to the literature on Integrated Intelligence. Here’s a review that I write on

This is a very fine book. I enjoyed it immensely, and learned a great deal from it. My own journey has been quite similar to Peter’s, and I found The Way of the Seer to be of great value in confirming, clarifying and extending my own knowledge of non-ordinary perception. I think those wishing to explore this subject a little more from a more “intellectual” perspective will also get a great deal out of the book.

What I particularly liked about the book is the “scientific” approach to the subject matter, and the honesty of the author. Perhaps this way is not for everyone who works with the extended mind, but I think all “seers” will gain a great deal from such a “critical” approach. Peter is not so much interested in laying down dogmas and certainties, as problematising the way of the seer. He is sometimes critical of false or naive approaches to seeing, but I think this is a good thing.

This is not to say that the author doesn’t make direct and bold claims. The book is founded upon the conviction that the human mind is connected to a deeper stream of consciousness, and that the information that this provides for the individual can be practically applied. Further, as the author states, such a way of relating to people, the world and the cosmos is vital to helping us rediscover the connectivity that we have lost in our modern, economically-developed cultures.

The book begins by tracing the author’s early life, when he came to acknowledge that he was indeed a seer. There then follows a broad coverage of the tapestry of Peter’s life in relation to his seeing abilities. There are plenty of fascinating anecdotes of Peter’s spiritual intelligence, and these make the text fascinating at a personal level.

Towards the end of the book, Nelson begins to discuss the relationship between non-ordinary perception, science and modern society. I found this to be both interesting and valuable. There are some great references to more academic work, too, for those who wish to explore the subject in a more formal way.

The way of the seer is an important book. The world needs people with the courage to speak and write openly about this often-maligned area of human perception. Seeing deeply is not merely an interesting aside to the human story, like attending a psychic reading or playing with a ouija board when you have had a few too many drinks. I am in full agreement with the author that non-ordinary perception is central to rebalancing the greater story of our civilisation and our species. Well done to Peter L Nelson for an invaluable, fascinating and very readable contribution to human knowledge.

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Are you a Master of the Intuitive?

The following is an extract from my brand new new book, Champion of the Soul. Some new age teachings place the intuitive – and especially the psychic ream – at the centre of the spiritual journey. This is a mistake. In order for you to awaken, the intuitive must be made subservient to the mindful.…

Paul Graham, his calling & collective mind?

A fascinating conversation between Mastery author Robert Greene and programmer and writer Paul Graham. According to his official biography, Graham is “a programmer, writer, and investor”. In 1995, he and Robert Morris started Viaweb, which was acquired by Yahoo, soon becoming “Yahoo Store”. Graham has started or funded about 450 startups, wrote Lisp (one of…